The Sypkes Group is a collection of investment companies and businesses managed by
a private family office in Tasmania, Australia.

The Sypkes family has multi-generational experience in retail, property development and business investment. After migrating from the Netherlands in 1951, Engel Sypkes founded Purity Supermarkets in Hobart, which grew to become the leading supermarket chain in Southern Tasmania and was sold to Woolworths in 1981. Subsequently, Engel's sons Rudie and Peter Sypkes launched Chickenfeed Bargain Stores, which became Tasmania's leading discount variety store chain and was sold in 2002 to an ASX listed company. To support the expansion of both these retail chains, the Sypkes Group developed more than a dozen significant properties, including neighbourhood shopping centres, retail stores and office/warehouse buildings.

The Sypkes Group now has diversified interests across properties, equities and private businesses, and actively supports local and international aid, community sector and Christian organizations.